The innovative modular design in 1.2mm, 1.7mm and 2.7mm ultra-thin borescopes allows cost-effective inspections, reducing the risk of damage and need for repair. The compact and versatile system design is ideal for routine inspections such as those found in the automotive industry.

Mini-borescopes are optical instruments with small diameter insertion tubes, designed for the observation of locations with small access points that cannot be viewed directly from the outside.
The MK Modular Mini-Scope can be offered as a complete system with the use of a compact LED light source. This combination provides:

  • Significant reduction of running costs for inspections
  • Increased durability for industrial environments
  • Bright and high quality images for accurate reproduction
    of the smallest defects
  • Improving inspection efficiency through compact and
    versatile system design

Modular Design

The MK Modular Mini-Scope represents a truly versatile design with interchangeable eyepiece and CCTV adaptors which allow convenient connection to varied camera systems or for use by eye. The overall system dimensions are reduced to aid fixture mounting for routine inspections. The ability to change the insertion tube in-field by the user is a significant benefit and helps minimise equipment downtime.

Improved Image Quality

The proven high resolution SELFOC lens system has been optimised for even clearer detail due to innovative new ring fiber illumination particularly at close working distances. A new modular focusing eyepiece and CCTV adaptors provide sharp images and effective results, aiding quick decision making.

Fuel injection nozzle
Hydraulic pressure part
Inside camshaft
Transmission part


Considerable improvements in insertion tube construction have been introduced to achieve greater resistance to wear. A sapphire window is incorporated to the tip of most models in the range. Protection tubes provide additional strengthening of the insertion tube. Adjustable and rotational protection tubes are also available for further strengthening and to help avoid damage to the distal end.

Cost-effective and Compact LED Light Source

The ILD-3 is a battery powered, lightweight and compact LED light source that has been designed for use primarily with the new MK Modular Mini-Scope.
The modular design allows the ILD-3 to be connected directly to the MK scopes, dramatically reducing losses through unnecessary light guides. This gives the light source (65 grams including battery) a higher scope tip brightness than other conventional light sources of much greater power.