Extra-long 30 m industrial videoscope which is equipped with innovative laser illumination and scope articulation technologies. It delivers unprecedented image quality and maneuverability.

Air articulation offers unparalleled flexibility at any length

The versatile IPLEX YS features innovative air articulation technology, letting you freely manipulate scope articulation with the compact palm-held controller. Since the insertion tube need not be fully extended, you can unroll only the length which is needed for the inspection and leave the rest neatly and safely coiled on the internal storage drum.

Direction and location of target are accurately revealed during inspections

During inspections, it is sometimes difficult to determine the area and direction being displayed on an inspected image. The IPLEX YS features an integrated gravity sensor that provides an on-screen orientation of the inspected image, clearly differentiating up from down.
An optional length indicator can display the scope length inserted into an object on the screen; it can also be reset for a relative length from a given point in an inspection area. Utilising these functions, you can confidently proceed with inspections knowing they will be able to clearly identify inspected positions.

Operates efficiently even in hostile environments

During field maintenance, inspections must proceed even where rough objects and dusty, drip-laden environments can present obstacles. The IPLEX YS insertion tube is engineered for high resistance to abrasion and can be inserted into a wide range of objects, even those with rough surfaces. The lens cleaning system blows away fine dust and drip residue on the scope tip, ensuring efficient inspections that produce clear images.

All-in-one package permits easy portability

Not only can the IPLEX YS handle complete inspections, its all-in-one design lets you conduct them almost anywhere. At sites lacking an AC power supply, it can be powered by a lithium-ion battery. The scope articulation is operable with a small CO2 cartridge; no bulky air compressor is needed.

Pioneering laser illumination technology for exceptional brightness

IPLEX YS provides laser illumination to the scope tip for exceptional brightness.

The IPLEX YS is the first industrial videoscope to incorporate laser illumination, 2X brighter than a conventional long-length videoscope, featuring low power consumption. It offers a comprehensive range of interchangeable optical adaptors for optimal magnification and direction. You can easily view a wide variety of inspection environments.

Clear, crisp images in every environment

The 8.0 inch. daylight-view monitor delivers vivid images both indoor and outdoors. Our unique image processing capability, WiDER (Wide Dynamic Extended Range), brings out detail in shadowed and highlighted areas to produce bright, contrast-balanced images across the entire depth of field.

Accurate post-inspection analysis

The IPLEX YS provides a number of post-inspection functions to support your analyses. You can record JPEG still images and AVI movies into a removable Compact Flash card or USB flash drive, and use the ImageNotepad to enter extended descriptions on recorded images. While you type, a list of predicted words is displayed when you enter a letter, simplifying and accelerating text input. Your descriptions are immediately accessible as part of each image when inspected data is transferred to a computer.

Reliable defect detection with Stereo Measurement

Depth measurement mode

Stereo Measurement technology permits accurate, three-dimensional defect measurement at any target angle. You can easily measure size, depth, and area of erosion, corrosion, and waste during inspection. Quantitatively measured calculations of a defect ensure inspection reliability.
Our unique Spot-Ranging function, the industry’s only real-time tip-to-target distance measurement feature, navigates the scope tip to the optimum distance from a target. You can then easily determine whether the tip is close enough to calculate the most accurate measurement on the first try.

Convenient image data management

InHelp Viewer software features image data management and precise measurement of objects in recorded images. Available free from our website, InHelp Viewer is ideal for remote users to re-measure or validate saved-measurement results. This advanced software features information editing and report generation, enabling you to efficiently prepare inspection reports.